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First off, I want to say that I really enjoyed this advertisement. My favorite part of it is definitely when the student bully picks up the papers he had just hit out of his peer’s hands. Another great part about this video is that it shows both sides of the story and what can lead to a child bullying. It is sad to see that there are parents out there who hit papers out of their children’s hands, throw items at them, yell at them, and do other unnecessary things which, in turn, leads to the same actions being taken by their child upon other kids.
The director’s cut at the end makes a very good point about how people don’t stop and think why bullies behave they way they do. When I see a bully I never think about what troubles he or she may be having in his or her own life. Hopefully in the future I won’t just judge a book by its cover and maybe I’ll go up to a “bully” and have a conversation with him or her and see what I can do to help.
By simply giving the “bully” a kind gesture he realized that there is no reason to pick on kids and I think this was a perfect ending.
This video was to show “how powerful a simple moment of affection can go a long way” and I believe it did an excellent job. Kiss for Peace looks like a great cause and I’m glad I stumbled upon this advertisement.

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