Axe: AxeGirl


The new AXE website has 1,75m, brown eyes and 90 of bust. It's an actual size girl. Have fun.

Advertising Agency: FullSIX, Portugal
Creative Director: Rui Vieira
Copywriter: Miguel Durão
Designer: Victor Afonso
Fullsix production: André Bernardes, Bruno Sousa, Diogo Carvalho, João Abreu, Teresa Dias
Photographer: Marianna Yakobson


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Like the idea, but can't get it to load :(


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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i like it...

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90 of bust is my Borg name.

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Tom Megginson
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Brilliant! I can only assume Axe's target market consists primarily of guys who never get this close to a REAL topless woman. Without paying, anyway.

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there are some other websites that had the same idea, even some of them had a better layout.. like this one

| Everartz |

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Not bad.

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