Start-stop app

April 2013
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Everyday we have several applications working in the background which use up the resources of our Smartphone unnecessarily. To solve this, we’ve created the Audi start-stop app, an app which applies the same principle as the Audi start-stop system: a system of energy saving that turns off the engine when the car stops at a traffic light and turns it on again when the car starts. So we made this simple app that uses this same principle to save phone battery. The app detects which applications have been open longest without being used and sends an alert to the user to close them. This way it saves battery and makes the phone an even more efficient tool.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Spain
General Creative Director: José María Roca de Vinyals
Executive Creative Director: Fernando Barbella
Creative Director: Jaume Badia
Copywriter: Andrés Travi
Art Director: Javier Rodríguez
Technical Director: Emilio González
Account Director: María José Moreno
Account Executive: Meri Cots
Digital Partners: RSB Media

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Ok idea though like every app/product tie-in there is already an existing unbranded app (BatteryDoctor) that does the same thing better.