Audi: Electricity Untamed, Static

Audi has commissioned a set of three viral movies which depict a series of phenomenon captured by an amateur cameramen. Each of the events witnessed feature an ‘electrical incident’ and contain impressive stunts made to look realistic thanks to special effects by The Mill.

Advertising Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA
Agency Producer: Mandi Holdorf
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rocky Morton
Producer: Darrin Ball
Director of Photography: Storm – Jean Marc, Static/Mower – Julian Whatley
Editing Company: Beast
Editor: Doug Walker
Post Production: The Mill / Los Angeles
Producer: Ari Davis
Lead Flame Artist: Bill Higgins
Assistant Artists: Gavin Camp, Shane Zinkhon, Ben Perrott
CG Artist: Andy Nicolas

September 2009


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ok but i don´t get it. sorry. explain!!!!

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It's a teaser. Please be patient.

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Even when you know what is coming, it's still funny.
kick him in the nuts again!

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Nice teaser viral video.


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Reality Check
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Jarring and electrifying campaign.

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The lawnmower was the best. The lightening one was BAD, and this one is just so-so (there's something bad wrong w/ the direction on this one). My main problem is with the word "un-tamed". It's just not right. But overall, I like the idea.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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must be some sort of electric car promo aye?

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I found this one funny.
But honestly, aren't "viral" teaser campaigns in the atomotive industry kind of 2006?...

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I agree lawnmower was the best. I just didn't get the bridge and the kid shocked across the living room rear end slide through the kitchen. Help me Venabales to understand these spots better.

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