Association of Rape Crisis Center in Israel: Don't erase what happened

The Brief: Increase sexual assault awareness in Israel. Empower victims to speak out.

The Problem: 1 in 3 Israeli women are sexually assaulted. only 10% come forward. The rest try to “erase” what happened.

Creative Execution: An email was spread with a Word doc attached. The MS Word “track changes” function was enabled, and Details were given in the email of what viewers might find in the attachment—a young girl’s letter to her sister, mildly recounting her attack. the Track changes function revealed deletions from the story, painting a more complete, graphic picture.

Results: The idea of “erasing” started hundreds of conversation and incited outrage. Awareness spiked and some People broke their silence.

Download the doc file.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Tel aviv, Israel
Creatives: Nir Refuah, Eldad Weinberger
Copywriter: Dana Saka lapinsky


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ok... So just call.

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a good idea but could be executed better, i think. there is something missing here. i think it was on a good way, but the execution somehow missed the point.

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