ASHA: Dangers of Chlamydia

Check out the facebook application:

Anyone on Facebook can take part in the campaign by simply downloading the MorphMonkey application and clicking the “Make a Love Child” tab.

Users are allowed to continue making love children whilst having the disease. However a twist comes at the end of 8 weeks, when they find that they are temporarily unable to make any more children, as their untreated case of Chlamydia has of course made them infertile.

The application does absolutely no harm to computers and is not a virus. Facebook has plenty of applications that can be downloaded every day but rarely are they used in a stunt like this.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, New York, USA
Art Director: Joao Medeiros
Copywriter: Alex Goulart

May 2008


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It looks like facebook is hot among agencies. Just yesterday I posted about another facebook app:

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8 weeks long. there will certainly be a lot of people who will stop using the app by that time.

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