May 2009
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These ads were sent to office workers via email. The Subject read, “Find the Hidden Message”. Attached was the ad, the headline read“ Step away from the computer”. Completing this action would reveal the “hidden” message.

Step away from the computer : Get back to Nature

Advertising Agency: Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, Trinidad & Tobago
Creative Director: Jon Slater
Art Director / Copywriter: Christopher Guinness
Illustrator: Leizelle Guinness

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I like a call to action campaigns.

But is this example I would say them are missing there target audience.
Most of us stay at our computer because we have to. We are working.

But how about running something like that on cable TV. Watching TV
is a complete waist of time, we are just used to the convenient entertainment.
I think this add could push more people in the right direction (toward nature)
if run as a TV campaign.

If you are really interested in helping nature consider not printing that email out :)
Or read more about "green printing" here

Annya Uslontseva ¦ Seattle Graphic Designer