Appy Fizz: Dream Hangout

In the TVC, which released last Friday on YouTube, Appy Fizz walks into Saif’s dream of a dance sequence on the hit Bollywood track ‘Mein Khiladi, tu Anadi’. Midway through the dream when Saif realizes Appy Fizz is in his dream, he is miffed at him. Nonetheless, they continue on to enjoy the limelight together, jumping around doing funky dance moves to the peppy Bollywood track.

Advertising Agency: Creativeland Asia, Mumbai, India
Film produced by ESTD (Easier Said Than Done)
Published: March 2013


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well, well, well... it's very sad always.

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ha ha..

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sooooooooooooo sad

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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sad i agree...hah

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