Apple: Switcher cams

Agency Producers: Anne Oburgh, R.J. Pomeroy

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Duncan Milner
Executive Creative Director: Eric Grunbaum
Creative Director: Jason Sperling
Associate Creative Director: Chuck Monn , Kevin Tenglin
Senior Art Director: Jamie Reilly
Senior Copy Writer: Pete Figel
Interactive Producers: David Simpson, Kathryn Berthume
Interactive Designers: Ryan Conlan, Danny Duran
Production Co: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison
DP: Peter Donahue
Editorial Co: Beast Editing Company, Inc
Editor: Andrew Cahn
Post Co: Company 3
Artist: Brian Robinson

November 2009


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"Media Arts Lab" sounds like a high school club. And not in a good way.

But this is a good concept and execution.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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apple knows how to do advertising...microsoft don't

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sirvan: what's wrong with media arts lab? i'm for it. sounds good, especially when you see TBWA beside it. what's the name of your agency?

guest: microsoft does. they're just not targeting you, probably. apple has better advertising, but that's not enough info to put the microsoft campaign down.

tbwa/media arts lab: cheers! great banner. would love to come across this.

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opposite of u
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what's it gonna be now whey TBWA lost their creative director responsibe for all apple campaigns?

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
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I find the morale pretty low in Apple's campaigns to be honest, but I guess it does work.

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Hey! About 8 seconds into the ad, on the right-hand screen, that's me! Just kidding, but I have fallen for the hype and picked up a MacBook Pro 13" last week. It's running Windows 7 64bit in Parallels for the moment so I can access OneNote -- I'm still a PC, but the machine was just too purty to pass up! Guess the advertising *does* work.....

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it won't be fare to criticize this one... big fan of mac ads. especially this series

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