Anti-Slavery: Choco-coat App


Choco-coat the harsh reality into a sweet, chocolatey version of the truth.

Advertising Agency: Lean Mean Fighting Machine, London, UK
Creative Directors: Dave Bedwood, Sam Ball
Art Directors: Eduardo de Jevenois, Kieron Roe
Copywriters: Martin Taussik, Dom Moira
Account Director: Richard Lloyd
Producer: Sian McLachlan
Designer: Pete Duffield
Programmer: Fraser Hobbs

April 2011


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(I hate to say this) but it would work better for a chocolate company. The seriousness of the message just doesn't mesh w/ the cuteness of the execution. There's something, just, "off" with this. Great general idea though.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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As a twitter heavy user, I love this app! I think you've nailed it!

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Really nice idea, it's simple, entertaining and at the same time gives info that I would probably won't read. Great job!

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This is such a missed opportunity
It could be so much more effective if it was done with nicer visuals : type in your message and have it output in rich, semi-melted, 3d, chocolate-coated lettering on an attractive background with the fact bit along the bottom.

As it is i doubt that it will get the attention it deserves

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