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AnaYou: Lose your Mobile

We were tasked to promote the mobile backup service for Anayou, a digital services company. Instead of talking about losing 'data' and 'contacts' we decided to talk about what losing your mobile really means to most people. No one wants to lose memories, friends or their favorite playlist. The banner plays up a human sense of loss and uses a rewind feature to show how Anayou can help save what matters most when you lose your phone. The banner succeeded in driving registrations for the service and saw a high CTR of 1.65%

Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, UAE
Head of Digital: Preethi Mariappan
Senior Digital Art Director: Rafael Guida
Senior Interactive Copywriter: Melanie Clancy
Graphics & Motion Designer: Balazs Szabo
Senior Flash Developer: Sarabjeet Singh
Senior Project Manager: Dounia Baha


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Simple wins every time. Congrats!

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Nice concept.. The 3d execution could have been much better. Lot of realistic simulations can be made easy nowadays. A realistic shatter could have made the viewer feel "what if my mobile shatters like this"....! Good job anyways!

Oli Murugavel
I love any and all situations where you celebrate creativity

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