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Amnesty International – Portugal and Leo Burnett Iberia launched Tyrannybook, a social network dedicated to the surveillance of some of the world leaders who violate Human Rights the most.

By building a global community of Human Rights defenders, this nonprofits organization aims to get more involved in the social networks during this year 2010, not only to gain the visibility inherent to the web platform, but also to facilitate the contact between the causes it promotes and the public.

Thus was born Tyrannybook, a network that aims to generate a global consciousness about the countless atrocities that take place here and there across the globe. Using a following system, the users can be updated about the faults committed by those leaders against the well known and recognised Human Rights.

Released by Amnesty, the profiles of the tyrants are updated both by the organization itself and by the users, according to the current situation of the countries where they lead. However, as time goes by, it will expand by the addition of new profiles from the Amnesty. It's up to each user to decide which leaders they are most interested to watch. Between them, users can even become allies, exchanging points of view and discussing current issues.

This is the first version of the site. And like every social network, it will grow and be constantly updated with new tools and functions. The Tyrannybook will gain size and presence on the web each week that passes. In this first phase there are ten tyrants in the site: Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, Than Shwe of Myanmar, Hu Jintau of China, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Thomas Lubanga Dyilo of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Radovan Karadzic of Serbia, Aleksandr Lukashenka of Belarus and Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov of Chechnya.

Taking advantage of the visibility of this kind of social networks, Amnesty hopes to get more support to the causes it promotes. Inside the Tyrannybook all its action are reported and have a direct link to Amnesty International - Portugal’s official website. There the users can get more information on how they can help promote Human Rights.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia
Executive Creative Director Iberia: Chacho Puebla
Creative Directors: Erick Rosa, Renato Lopes
Creatives: ThiagoCarvalho e ThiagoArrighi
Chief Digital Officer: Alfredo Laguia
WebProdution: Rodrigo Barona, Mónica Rocha
Client Service Director: Paula Lopes
Account Director: Inês Almeida
Supervisora de Contas: FernandaManso
Account Trainee: Frederico Bento


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Anov Communication
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This is a GREAT GREAT GREAT Idea ! Such a huge progress of brainstorming

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FANTASTIC, Congrats Leo Burnett, and Chacho Puebla.


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il loco
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ad shark
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fuck, it's awesome.
bravo amnesty!
bravo leo burnett!

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this work is really really fantastic, love the approach and how they found the way for you to spend a lot of time learning about all these people that didn't take any notice of human rights... it's really cool for the kids who don't like to spend time reading or studying, so they could learn in a site that's familiar to them and where they feel comfortable spending time doing that... hope this work win a lot of awards! congrats congrats and congrats again!

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... brainstorming?
done, done and done.
ever seen penisbook or berlusconibook?
Result is nice anyway.

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what a great idea! I'm getting an account.

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Great. Very good idea. I hope to see lots of posts from them. I'm in!

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What a fantastic and effective idea.. well done Leo Burnett!

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At first I thought this said TRANNYbook, lol

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Nice! Don't work, but nice idea

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cheers for metals


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I was late to see it.
Hope there were also Berlusconi and Putin.

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Great idea guys! I love the subversion of the medium.
I hope the CIA post some comments soon, since they're friends of most of these tyrannybook users. When will it be open to First World tyrants to add their profile? They'd make much more interesting reading. Corporate CEO's would be another great user demographic to expand your user base.
If we're going to tell the truth we have to tell the ugly truthes too.

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Mr. Green
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12 stars!!!!!

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