Stones for Sakíneh

August 2011
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According to the Islamic law Sharia, if a woman is accused of infidelity, she is sentenced to death by stoning. The same punishment was given to Sakineh Asthiani, whose story is known the world over. To support amnesty International movement against stoning we created a facebook application where people create a portrait of Sakineh from an artistic mosaic of stone. People select their own stones, sign a petition against stoning and let their unique messages against this cruel punishment join others from around the world. We are using their messages and sending them as tweets, putting them on facebook and utilizing them in internet banners. That’s how we work with them as unique tools to get more people involved and more stones on Sakineh’s mosaic.We used an installation and print to support our message too. Thanks to this campaign, we are changing stones from killing tools to tools of social change.

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I am glad they had an offline part to this campaign. It really needed it.