Amnesty International: iPhone Wallpaper chains

In a campaign to recruit activists Amnesty International utilizes the ”slide to unlock”-function of the iPhone. Swedish agency Garbergs has created wallpapers for iPhones and iPads showing incarcerated prisoners. When unlocking the device the user unlocks the cell or chain that holds the prisoner captive. Amnesty International Sweden launches the campaign to raise awareness about the Amnesty Urgent Action Network and to get people to sign up to become SMS-activist (Texting activist). The campaign also includes ads in the iPad issue of Sweden’s largest newspaper DN, digital outdoor screens and traditional print ads. The International Secretariat of Amnesty has recently decided to promote the campaign globally. Download free wallpapers at http://m.amnesty.se/slidetounlock

Advertising Agency: Garbergs, Sweden
Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg
Digital Director: Magnus Hällsten
Digital Producer: Niklas Bergström
Account Director: Anna Frick
Account Manager: Malin Boustedt
Graphic Designer: Jacob Frisk
Copywriter: Per Forssberg
Photographer: Peter Alendahl, Adamsky
Retouch: Touchme
Repro: BT Repro
Music: Forevers's gonna start tonight, Untitled 1
Web production: Public Class / Mobiento

November 2011


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Hahaha so you can lock them back up while you're not using your phone. Make sure they don't escape.

Nice use of the unlock though. Would anyone download this?

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Seems like they're putting the cart before the horse. In order for someone to have this wallpaper on their iphone, they would have downloaded it from Amnesty International's website, meaning they were already aware of the issue and already support it. So it's not really doing anything to solve the problem.

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Very nice campaign. People would show this to their friends, thus AI becomes a topic of conversation.

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I agree to that.

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Nice idea. Good use of media. If I didn't have a crapberry I would get download this.

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