Ursula and spore 2.3

September 2009
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To create interest in the launch of the vinyl toy SPORE for the company Alimania, a short film was created and launched on the web.
Warning: not child safe. Not for the weak of heart either.

Advertising Agency: The atom club, Mexico
Creative: Carl Jones

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Advertising has evolved beyond creating commercials for television. This short film uses the advertising technique called 'product placement' , which is appropriated on many TV and Hollywood films. 'Ursula and Spore 2.3' was selected to be shown in various 'short film' and 'Horror film festivals' across North and Latin America: NYC, LA short film festivals, San Diego Latin American Film Festival, Morbido Sci-Fi and Horror film festival in Mexico City,THAFF Toronto Hispanic film festival among others. 'Horror' is a well recognized genre in film making, and many of the top grossing movies (The Exorcist) and TV shows ( Walking Dead) are from this area. It is valid that this genre be appropiated to create 'advertising' for a 'vinyl toy' aimed towards the adult male market as a viral.