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Problem: A recent study revealed that fewer than 700 grizzlies remain in the province of Alberta, down from an already low 1000 in 2002. Many Albertans don’t know that the grizzly population is being threatened; nor do they know habitat disturbance is the main cause (as opposed to hunting).

Solution: To raise public awareness of the threat facing the grizzly population, we created a fake organization called No More Grizzlies which demanded the elimination of grizzlies – advertised through posters, newspaper, radio, and a mock public rally, all directing people to visit the website – as a way of revealing and educating that if it’s not okay for an extremist group to endanger grizzlies, it shouldn’t be okay for Alberta to do it.

Results: The absurdity of the “destroy grizzlies” message from the advertising caught public and media attention immediately. The campaign got national media attention online and in newspapers, and was featured on a TV news report – amounting to wide spread unpaid media. Donations also increase approximately 240% over the same period of time last year.

Advertising Agency: Calder Bateman Communications, Edmonton, Canada
Creative Director: Kevin Barclay
Art Director: Nicola Pringle
Copywriter: Pierre Chan
Illustrator: Nicola Pringle
Flash developer: Kobayashi
Sounds production: Wave Sound Productions
Video Art Direction: Bryce D'Andrea
Published: January 2010


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good approach, well executed, website looks great, loads fast, not too complicated things going on, comes quickly to the point. Good!

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you clearly didn't get the idea, neither did you actually visit the website...

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I love it too! A great refreshingly different non traditional approach. Once on the site, you'd learn what the "real truth" is.

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