Akatu Institute: Akatu Ipsum

URL: http://www.essamerece.com/akatu

The Akatu Institute is a non-profit organization that encourages conscious consumption. To promote Akatu’s message, we created akatuipsum.org.br. Akatu Ipsum is a website that generates placeholder text to be used in layouts just like the famous Loren Ipsum, but slightly different. Akatu Institute is against any kind of waste. So, instead of generating meaningless text that only occupies space, Akatu Ipsum generates information, data and tips about conscious consumption. Therefore, Akatu Ipsum gives a new use to words that would otherwise be wasted.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Brazil
Creative Directors: Ruy Lindenberg; Fábio Moran
Art Director: Rodolfo Fernandes
Copywriter: Erick Mendonça
Webproducer: Studio Manga

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Nice idea.

Except I thought 1 of the reasons to use Loren Ipsum is so when placeholder text is needed, people looking at the work / the layout / reviewing it / whatever, don't get distracted reading text that isn't going to be used or isn't relevant to the project.

I.e. that an important feature of Loren Ipsum is that people don't understand it.

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