Air Force Reserves: The Paper Baron

Check out the advergame:

Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Ben Coulson
Art Director: Paul Meates
Copywriter: Vanilla Stener
Illustrator: Lewis Allen
Photographer: Donna Stevens
Additional credits: Karl Blankley, Julian Frost, Visual Jazz
Released: August 2008


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Crisp One
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It’s a screen capture from a flash game. Check out the link beside/beneath it.

It’s a teaser to join the air force - motivating aviation passionate.

I don’t know how much it works with its particular target audience… but I find it petty nice!

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Crisp One
2005 pencils

yea...tried the game on my laptop...didnt work well with a touchpad...but cool none the less

Kinda reminds me of those Bacardi commercials David and Goliath did a while back

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cool game

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really nice


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Mr. R
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the game its cool, aviators have more easy than creatives...ahh, to late.

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I dig the crash and burn when you hit the fuel plane. Nice touch.

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