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Come on haters, this is a wonderful use of bloggers meetup concept, stop whining.

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After watching this, I sure wanna wear a bikini.
And I'm a guy!

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..and stay at the villa too

life is a playground

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Especially that, no need for a bikini :)

Seems effective, based on a simple but true insight.
Were the 'popular girls' famous in Israel, or just girls with heaps of friends on facebook?

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resul ay
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i hate israel

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Very insightful. Where should I send your "I'm a Bigoted Anti-Semite" t-shirt?

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good for you resulay, no one cares. This is not the place.

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Seems like good results.

So... when is there going to be a Cannes Category for "case study videos"? Not that this one is particularly awesome, but these types of videos can make even the most boring PR/Marketing effort seem AWESOME !!!!

"Teh Responze was OVERWHELMINGz !!!!"

/ just sayin'


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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What a complete load of BS.

How much did that villa cost? What about all of those laptops? Did you pay the girls for their time or did they just do that all for free because they <3 capitalism? Who did all of the production for that idiotic video? Whose idea was it? Who made all of the phone calls? Did they get a salary?

NOT $0.

You have a lot of nerve trying to push such obvious lies to a bunch of ad people. As the old saying goes, you can't kid a kidder.

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"Advertising, banners, SEO and media budget: $0"

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I have to agree with you... Nonetheless, I must say the cost of hiring the creative person here couldn't of been that high - afterall, he just copied Mastercard's motto.. And as for the video production itself... let's just say it'll be hard for them produce videos for a long time.

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Loved everything except for the last use of the Mastercard lines bit.

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great strategy!!!


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I think the wording in this case is corny: the use of mastercard lingo, te fireworks at the results. Como on what's great with this case: to spend a lot of money renting a villa? to have teen spokespersons all together?. Create content in social media and get them covered by the news is not a great idea anymore. Sorry guys no Cannes for you.

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wow beautiful girls!! i love israel!! this is amazing place and the girls there are so hottt

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This is basicly very good but I had the same problems as many: don't even try to pretend it was cheap.
Advertising, banners, SEO and media budget: $0. Oookay, but who the f*ck cares? The client cares about the overall price.
And that Mastercard line at the end... dude, you were almost there without being pathetic!

P.S. to Guest: I guess the music video cost nothing to Pilpel, it was an opportunity for the rapper to record his new video without paying for the location, 30 girls in swimsuits, and to ride a buzz for free.

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The competition is: "Best use of social media"

when your advertising is funded, it is not "real social".
the information about the 0$ is in order to emphasize that project was only "VIRAL"...

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bad copy
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PR 2.0.
I want to be a "facebook girl" and do nothing in my life than smile, make new virtual friends, promise them my p***y and make them do whatever they want.
well nothing new.
And trendsetters have been already doing this since a while.

Anyway 30 girls in bikini are interesting for men, not for women...

@ mike11: Where should I send your "I should get informed before judging the others" t-shirt?

But this is not the place to discuss this sort of stuff, sure.

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clayology com
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Really good idea!

Ads u create needs Attention!!

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Come on haters, this is a wonderful use of bloggers meetup concept, stop whining.