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Here is a previous ad from the same campaign:

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"Chinese they answer the phone by saying 'Wia'."

Actually, it's "Wai" (or Wei)

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I thought so (I speak a bit of Mandarin), but didn't want to edit the submission. I thought they say it differently in HK.

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yeah,it differently in HK.

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Hahaha, good stuff.

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didn't realize abbot and costello were working as copywriters these days.

lame rip off

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That's freaking hysterical. Well done!

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Is thatreally true? Who is the president and When is the premiere?

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Yes, Hu JinTao is pres and Wen JiaBao is the premier. Looks like you could use a subscription yourself.

Clever and funny commercial. It's not a rip-off so much as an homage/parody since the ad is closely and obviously patterned off the original sketch.

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"Looks like you could use a subscription yourself."
That's funny! Agree it's paying homage. Very well done and isn't too far off from what they sound like on Foxnews...hehe

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here's the original original

but yeah, it's a blatant rip off of that. go china.

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Yes, but these are the real names; that's kind of what separates it.

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A lot of subliminal messages in this one... Atlanta is where CNN is headquartered and consequently where the intelligent man is from, and appearing on what is supposed to be Fox News Channel. The loudmouthed, American, conservative is a blundering idiot about the world around him while the British gent is quite knowledgeable.

Let's just say that the creator of this ad makes his political preferences absolutely clear.

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I agree. A knock at ignorant Americans especially.

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this is hilarious, I love that its Fox news too, which can suck my...

... its already been done...

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This ad is about 50 years too late in it's method. Not very entertaining. A dumb way to poke fun at dumb people.

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There's thousands of these exact same 'Who's Hu' joke (either in flash, mpg or script) in the internet. Now these guys just do away without Bush and Condi. Nothing new.

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the hero

Genius!!!!!!!! F-ing great writing. Lucky that they all have the right last names, but really well done as well