Episode 1 - Covergirl, Amour

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April 2010

The Whitehouse, Bicoastal/ Chicago/ London partner/editor Steve Hamilton and editor Crandall Miller capture comical family moments for Walmart in a series of ten new :30s, out of The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA. The humorous vignettes follow a family of four through their daily activities, aided by an array of co-sponsor P&G products purchased at Walmart. The ‘Family Moments’ campaign, directed by’s Steve Miller, Nik Traxler, producer for The Martin Agency. “Steve [Hamilton] and Crandall [Miller] brought great insights, and turned the campaign around under a tight schedule. It was impressive how they saw the entire project through and their experience with longer-form projects --[Hamilton has edited several award-winning feature films and Miller is the co-creator of a popular viral webisodic show]-- helped them tease out the connective threads of each vignette into a nice cohesive package of spots.”

Each spot features the same family cast in a humorous scenario that revolves around a different P&G product. In “Delivery,” we see mom and her 2 kids arriving home with bags from Walmart. The phone rings, and the daughter answers, surprised to find dad on the other end of the line. We cut to dad, sitting with his cell phone inquiring, “Is mom back from Walmart with the toilet paper?” The girl counters, “Where are you? Your car’s here…” We cut back to frustrated dad, against a tile background, as call-waiting clicks through and he loses his daughter’s attention. Dad awaits, as we hear a helpless sigh from behind the closed bathroom door. The spot continues with a shot of the Walmart bags and Charmin toilet paper, as a graphic arrow enters frame and a voiceover iterates “It’s Rollback Time…at Walmart.” The spot closes, teasing the next ‘episode’ with narration and super, “Up Next…dog troubles.”

Film advertisment created by The Martin Agency, United States for Walmart, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA, USA
Creative Director: Nancy Hannon
Assoc. Creative Directors: Mike Lear, Wade Alger
Sr. Art Directors: Michael Reginelli, Brian Williams
Exec. Broadcast Producer: Dan Kaplan
Producer: Nik Traxler
Asst. Producer: Katie Johnson
Production Company: @ Radical Media, Santa Monica, CA
Director: Steve Miller
DP: Eric Schmidt
Producer: Kelli Abraham
Exec. Producers: Frank Scherma, Gregg Carlesimo
Post-Production Company: Filmworkers
Music Company: Comma, Santa Monica and Chicago
Composers: Larry Pecorella and Josh Good
Producers: Bonny Dolan and Bryan Rheude
Editorial Company: The Whitehouse, Bicoastal/Chicago/London
Editors: Steve Hamilton, Crandall Miller
Editorial Producer: Dawn Guzowski

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satrianee's picture
Activity Score 3748

watched all 10 of them. featuring the products can be found in any store (with no additional value add), i found it quite ordinary (trying to avoid the word 'boring')

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

Well, this is Walmart, so don't expect anything out of the ordinary here. I like the show within show approach (which is not new anymore), but these vignettes are boring, uninspired, and cliched.

Shadow Ops's picture
Shadow Ops
Activity Score 148

Original for wal-mart....maybe these will gain traction with the Wal Mart crowd. But what is up with the Family Matters type music intro...where the hell is Urkel!

Let's keep advertising fun

Jack79's picture
Activity Score 38

The people in these spots look nothing like the folks I usually see at Wal-Mart. Where are the inbred hillbillies, illegal aliens and convicted felons?

Shadow Ops's picture
Shadow Ops
Activity Score 148

Clearly poor casting....

Let's keep advertising fun