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interesting and funny... (ford of europe would never approve this, but who cares)

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Great commercial. A well planned, well timed string of ideas that all support the main theme is a great thing to see. An even greater thing to see is real creativity in a car commercial. I especially love the "BFT" (Big F'in Television).


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that's maybe the ugliest car i've ever seen. and ford wonders why they're not doing well.

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oh, to be a man and only be concerned with eating, drinking and ugly cars...

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Bit too much like a beer ad, there are a few more things guys are into.

At least the performances were understated and we didn't see the car 'zooming' down some deserted highway.

Just seems a little half-baked, sorry, not totally sure why. 'Giving blokes power' is a pretty good tag to work with.

This whole 'using an old song in a contemporary setting' thing, is very done and very annoying though.

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whats with the sandwhcich at the start i dont get it???? oh and also we can i get one of the motorised arm chairs

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Blokes' World has no women in it...hmmm....