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So, since it is a viral it's got an alibi? Why not make 2 girls 1 cup into a commercial then? Morons.

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Stupid ad - can just see council estate types kicking dogs all over the place.

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Es uno de los spots mas horribles que he visto en mi vida!!!


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I think this was done quite a few years ago. Used to like it then, but not so much now.

Goafest '08 in pictures:

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This is soooo old...

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yeah. And whole creative team says "yeah" and think it's funny. O tempora, o mores!

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Jet Lee
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I think this is as old as the internet. I really remember seeing this long LOOOONG ago.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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This ad is like your average Bois-de-Boulogne whore: it's old and it sucks balls and ass.

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yes, this is old. but it resonated with the types that do buy this overpriced football gear stuff. it's funny as hell to them. the lesson to be learned is that what's ok to one person can be offensive to another. understanding your audience is key.

thus I give this a mild thumbs up.

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Crisp One
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bad dog.

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this is more than idiotic!

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Its so ridiculous!! makes you kick the guy!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I see a disclaimer come up at the bottom of the screen. Regardless, this is just brutal and simply hard to imagine (as an American) that any sensible and tact client would approve this kind of tv spot. I'm sure there are tons of dog-loving soccer fanatics in France. This is beyond understanding your audience. It's plain senseless.

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itz done.....

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stupid and cruel ):

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very stupid thought

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I would slap this guy so much...

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Alistair C.
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i don't see how this can appeal to clients. or to most people.. the sane ones, i mean.

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It's awesome... the CG could be a bit better... but it does the job for a viral. Remember when Jack Black kicked Ron Burgandy's dog over the brige in Anchorman? it was funny! Great work.

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That's how I roll !!!

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I don't see how this was even allowed to air. In a movie, you have a rating system. On TV, kids will watch this. I's just cruel, and weak, and dull.

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Sorry, this ad, white the same essence, have been done for DIRECT TV, for colombian talent


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Hate it! So cruel, it's not funny.

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The poor little dog! How horrible!
Though I suppose I'm not in the target market by any means.

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all those outraged comments... ha. that's what makes ads like these great.

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Cruel as hell. But points for being memorable - I was totally not anticipating that.

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Landor from China

Fuck UMBRO!!!! Never buy it!!!! :(

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Guest commenter

After watched this animal abuse TV commercial. I will never ever buy Umbro. Can't believe DDB Nantes make this ad. This is crazy!

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i think this ad are F**** Awesome!

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Activity Score 11337

So, since it is a viral it's got an alibi? Why not make 2 girls 1 cup into a commercial then? Morons.