January 2010

Film advertisment created by Huxley Quayle von Bismark, Canada for Toronto Community Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Huxley Quayle von Bismark, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Chris Hall
Art Director: Chris Hall
Copywriter: Andy Shortt
Production Company: Circle
Editorial: Jeffrey Zablotny
Audio: Wayne Kosak Audio
Director of Photography: Rob Walsh
Director: Anthony Redpath

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Glut's picture
Activity Score 3935

and i was wating the end of the ad

Threadlessscrew's picture
Activity Score 39

This campaign got sexist with this one. The men are talking about building themselves and making fortunes, owning companies, boats and a privileged life. And here we have this woman who talks only about waiting. "You've waited for the phone to ring for a decision to be made", I'm hell sure it's a man on the other end making the decision. Thumbs up for the other two ads though, nicely crafted.

rebelscum's picture
Activity Score 2110

Idano, I feel like it's about careful planning & strategy. The thing says "...wisely waited for just the right moment."

My only beef is this is a lil more direct than the other 2 with the hard call to action, but that's nit-picking.

I likes :)


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