Fawlty car

January 2016

Specsavers Fawlty Car, featuring John Cleese #shouldve

Production Company: Blink
Director: Tim Bullock
Creative Director: Graham Daldry
Creatives: Simon Bougourd, John Cleese, Neil Brush
Producers: Ewen Brown, Sam Lock
DoP: Stephen Keith Roach
Post production: MPC
Editor: Mark Burnett

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Activity Score 9954


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Activity Score 9954


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Reality Check
Activity Score 2539

There are more than a few problems here. For one, wouldn’t the cop in the driver’s seat have been aware Basil was sitting on his lap trying to start his car? And how did he enter the police car with his own key?

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Activity Score 49064

That cop car was the second car.'s picture
Activity Score 161

This is bad in a lot of ways. Super artificial storytelling and they tried way to hard to be funny. If it wasn't over the top already, jumping in the bushes really is "laugh or i'll shoot".

Rock on!

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Barbara O.
Activity Score 211

For some funny reason, I actually like it. Although it didn't quite pass along the brand message in time. I had to watch it twice to understand.

Barbara O.