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Did they choose Chinese astronauts because Macedonia can't afford a space program of its own?

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3,14 broccoli

Do you not distinguish the Chinese from the Japanese flag?

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Looked very Japanese to me, with like a Japanese flag on their shoulders and stuff...

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Both great

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I love the Nokia 3250!!!


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It's FYROM , please. Great work, but no Macedonia.7

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yo! lunatics! stop posting political messages!!! Its done for greek client ....and they were preety much ok with that! The ad is for COSMOTE thats how they call them self in Macedonia (COSMOFON)!!!and it was also shown in bulgarian market for Globul!!! Stop making political bullshit on page wich is not for that!!THIS IS A PAGE FOR ADVERTISING NOT FOR POLITICS!this is my last replay on such comments , sorry IVAN but I had to!

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Andrey Vaslit
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MY GOD, Chinese flag it's very different
Chinese language it's very different
morons >__>.