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What the f%&*? Funny though. This one here is the best as well. The others, especially the rather sad ones, are a bit off on their timing.

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No fixed abode
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Teddible. Where did they get that line from? It doesn't make sense to me. I have never heard anyone say 'honest ham'.

In NZ, we had a really good campaign for a chocolate bar where the line was 'good, honest chocolate'. One of the ads showed people listening to a safety briefing before a flight and over the speaker the hostess was being blatantly realistic about the fact that if there was an emergency, they were basically f@#ked. She finishes by saying, "you've got two minutes tops" and we cut to see her putting down the little phone thing and chewing on the product. It was wicked. They also had a politician canvassing votes door to door and telling a constituent the reality of all the lies he was telling. It was a similar thought, but rung a lot truer.

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that's just the beauty of this concept. new way to talk about ham
i like it a lot

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Hate to be devils advocate, but it's really the whole sandwhich that's being honest, not just the ham.

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No, no, no. I was instantly reminded of the chicken you can trust campiagn.The difference is: that was deadly. This one is dead. Sorry for not writing a more amusing comment.

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the mighty ham
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Hmmmm.... sandwich hand puppet. Creepy.

Oh. And I like my ham tasty, not honest. This campaign sucks.

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scary, dum, crap

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i think they meant "honest" as in no other weird parts are in that ham. hence, honest.