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Ed Mintone
Activity Score 585

smartest of the pack

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Activity Score 2555

first time i saw the pack i ask my wife? is that a condom box?

Arnold Santillan

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Activity Score 2578

nice unusual execution for a chewing gum..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Activity Score 288

Yep. If I see it at a store I'll probably pick up a pack.

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Activity Score 1675

this is retarded, and bbdo has another offshoot called Energy?

... its already been done...

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Energy BBDO is the name of the Chicago office of BBDO.

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Activity Score 3516

Okay. That looked cool to do. I won't buy the gum because of these spots. I'll buy because of the name.

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Activity Score 24

I picked a box in a drug store just because I liked the package. It was called FLARE instead of RAIN. and it has a 5 just like this one but on fire. Surprisingly the gum was hella good. I like the clip. Talk about production values.

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I wanna get on that thing!

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This is the best one of all of them

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Activity Score 492

definitely the best one, but still a pretty weak campaign overall.

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Activity Score 1262

Why not just make a kick ass 2 minute short film instead? With an actual idea in it.

That'd be a better way to spend a couple hundred thousand. And a lot more entertaining too.

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How come a gum brand has so much money to spend in its communication?

Unless it's a group with lots of brands and market power, and they want to elevate this particular brand, for some particular reason...

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Activity Score 2

this one was excellent to me. but i like how the three will each appeal to different people according to what they would like. am dying to try them.

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Activity Score 443

for me Rain is the best and the Flare the second - first one is the weakest link in the chain. Realy huge money spent, it can not stay unnoticed. It's not easy to say was it worth it... but execution is perfect - eye candy.


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Wth? this is so weird o.o