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November 2011

Organ Donor Foundation: Leila


This TV ad illustrates the harsh reality that by not becoming an organ donor, you’re potentially taking another life with you when you die. We are urging people to sign up to become an organ donor, so that one day they can save other people fighting for their lives.

Film advertisment created by Lowe, South Africa for Organ Donor Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Producer: Riska Emeran
Executive Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Director: Brendan Hoffmann
Copywriter: Natalie Rose
Client Service: Arno Du Toit
Production House: Velocity Films
Director: Tristyn Von Berg
DOP: Peter Tischhauser
Executive Producer: Nicola Valentine
Producer: Karen Kloppers
Post Production: OS Post Production, Searle Street
Sound Production: We Love Jam

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andylefty's picture
Activity Score 4535

This doesn't work for me. No one thinks they'll die in a road accident and once they do, they sure as hell won't care if they can save someone else's life.

The girl joining him seems to be the wrong point. I think it should be a benefit rather than guilt-tripping something that hasn't happened.

As in the viewer is supposed to say "Wow I might die in a road accident, I better become an organ donor before that happens".

I get the thought behind it but not for me.

Billybell's picture
Activity Score 373

You dont look the ad in the right way

scarfinati's picture
Activity Score 843

You’re taking it a bit literally. I agree that guy who just died in that bike crash wouldn’t care if he saved that little girls life.

But a guy who didn’t die in that accident, say someone watching this ad, may care.

ivook's picture
Activity Score 136

Me gusta.
Igual prefiero cuando se muestra la vida en lugar de la muerte en lo avisos de donaciones.

Mytwocents's picture
Activity Score 285

Beautiful execution. But pointing at people in an accusative manner is a very unfortunate approach. Copy could have been less frontal.

lanat's picture
Activity Score 5

I definitely believe this ad has the strenght to convey a real and relevant message that call people to action and let them make a concrete choice. Everyone would tell that he wants to be a donor, but no one really express this choice thinking that death is always too far away.
This insight is so true that someone else has already launch the same message a couple of years ago..
To be honest, the commonalities go beyond the message!


Lawson Hembree's picture
Lawson Hembree
Activity Score 444

Interesting approach. With better copy, could have been really impacting.

BecauseISaidSo's picture
Activity Score 26

Do you mean impactful?

MicheleVirgilio's picture
Activity Score 2617

I think it works. The message is simply and immediate.

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stickynotes's picture
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I really likes this. It finally makes you think about filling out those formulars to become an organ donar.
Art direction & music are really nice. And the copy, for my taste, is spot on - it doesn't need more fluffy words.

Ceballos's picture
Activity Score 621

Bad way...

Jexep's picture
Activity Score 182

Oh! This make us so guilt.

my marketing blog (Thai Language):

Geimima's picture
Activity Score 824

But why "die at accident"? at least when people die, they don't take others to die too..

life is a playground

baliquez's picture
Activity Score 99

In my country one have to declare if he/she does NOT want to be an organ donor. But I like this ad, it is nice.

JensH's picture
Activity Score 111

I don't think playing the guilt-card is the right approach...
But nice direction:)

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marialankina's picture
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agree with the guilt trip non supporters.
Frankly if i was brainstorming the advert for organ donor giving, i would address the human truth about few of being an organ donor. People worry that in the time of an accident, when decisions need to be made, the mark on your driving license saying you are an organ donor, might potentially change your chances of survival, because various organs will only be viable certain amount of time and there will be a choice for doctor whether to risk the organs and try to pull you thru, or hesitate ( and often its hesitation - time taken for decision , that kills actually ) and lose valuable time that would have saved your life, instead you become fresh market of organs to save other people's lives. Its a bit of a cynical view on the situation, however we live in a pretty cynical world.

So if i was to brainstorm the idea of propagating people to become a potential organ donor, i would start from addressing the fears associated with it. I am sure there are more. If people don't rush to join into the organ donor army, then something is stopping them. What are those reasons ? Then address those reasons, perhaps figure out what percentage of those who are young ( better donors) or those who would be more inclined ( larger % that already are organ donors and focus on addressing the reasons and motivations that would help have more people become potential organ donors , make a decision. Again the actual concept will be derived from the final message that needs to be communicated along with ideas corresponding with the concept that speak directly to the established targeted group.

The guilt for potentially not helping other people is a huge miss. Nowadays everyone thinks of themselves, economy pushed us into survival mode ( watch IN TIME movie with Justin Timberlake and pay attention to the scene where his mother needs extra hour ( currency ) to ride a train, she has no other way to reach her goal but from humility of people , that would share their time with her ( time-currency-money) , and guess what, nobody helps her.

If i was to play off of the concept that this video was derived from, my idea would be rather, possibly, make it somewhat ironic, as in "all your life you strive to achieve, having little time to help others, yes we know life pushes you to, by becoming potential organ donor, you get a chance to do the REAL final good deed, even after you die, when all is done, you will finally be able to HELP someone and save someone's life and touch it ways you never ever hoped for, something we rarely have time to do during our time on this earth.

something like that.

But overall i would try to focus on human truths and address them along with tying it into belonging to group of people that had contributed to someone's save life and are not longer with us, but remembered both by those who witness the "giving" and those who live because of that.

Well thats what i wanted to say.
thanx for reading
Maria Lankina

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5498

Great insight.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

ArtVader's picture
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Up there.

vlad.betov's picture
Activity Score 2

Great balance between call-for-action urgency and moral beauty.
To those who found this preachy or guilt-sowing: your egos are in the way of the big picture - it's not an IF situation. It's not a fictional script-born story, it's real and it really may be you who dies and saves someone's life. I cannot understand your insult.
Personally, I think organ donating should be a personal choice (not a default-rule) but can't understand why most people never bother to sign up for it - it may be for lack of adequate advertising effort!