Sounds of Oreo

September 2014

OREO - Sound of Oreo? - DödaVänster Agency


There are more than a thousand ways to eat an Oreo. What’s yours?

Film advertisment created by DödaVänster, Argentina for Oreo, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: DödaVänster, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chief Creative Officer: Francisco García Otero
Creatives: Nicolás Berretta, Pedro Rivero
Group Account Director: Santiago Fernández Barrio
Executive Producer: Ignacio Gonzalez Lorenzo
Designer: Tomás Palazzo
Production Company: Satisfaction

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Activity Score 3


Paul Moreno Ramos's picture
Paul Moreno Ramos

good video

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Activity Score 20

I enjoyed Oreo's musical video. Oreo went on the artistic creative route and delivered a delightful hooking video starring cookies and sounds. I like how the product was the protagonist in a music video showcasing fun, appealing cookies. In a world of parity commodities, an entertaining experience using the product is a competitive advantage. The crunch sounds amid the others were successful in provoking cookie thoughts and consequently cookie appetite. The milk worked beautifully for the video and for Oreo. Oreo together with milk and these fun, classy marketing moves, are making the Oreo "milk's gotta have".

Cindy M

halaby87's picture
Activity Score 9806

Nicely done

kattak's picture

With OREO you can do anything, can’t you? It seems like you can make everything out of OREO like OREO ice cream, OREO milkshake, etc. Those things are sold at so many places. Isn’t that the most amazing thing that can happen to your brand? When there is a milkshake, ice cream, etc. which can just be make out of your product. And I think this is the point this advertisement wants to highlight. Cause in the add you see that you can music out of oreo, you can make an own song just with oreo cookies. The association with the milk fits perfectly in the add cause OREO is known to be consumed with milk. I like that they come up with so many different ideas about how to make a sound out of the cookies. Like throwing one in a bowl, then throwing many of them in a bowl, even opening the pack is an own sound. And I it’s so funny that they make sound just with snapping against the pack. This add is unique because it in my opinion it is unusual to create a cookies add like that. Normally in cookies adds you see people who eat them, most of the time children or families who are very happy to get this special cookie. But this advertisement is different and I think that this is why it attracts the consumer’s attention. Moreover I think this add puts people in a good mood and it’s really funny to watch because they split the screen many times. I like this idea very much because I think it makes an add much livelier then when you just have one screen.

WadeDRz's picture

I thought that this ad was a great way to get the viewers' attention. There were no words that were necessary because of what the visuals and sounds brought to the table, which also allowed you to focus on the focal point, the crunch of the cookie. Watching this right now while I am hungry makes me want to run to the nearest convenient store and pick up a pack of oreos myself along with some milk. The simplicity of this ad is brilliant because it shows the viewer to sell their product instead of telling. As for the tune, I hope it was not supposed to be a song because there was not a consistent rhythm, even though it looked to take place in a recording studio. It is almost a throwback to those old soda commercials, like coca cola, when they used to twist off the caps to make a beat. The crunch of the cookie that makes the consumers stomach growl could be related to the refreshing sound of a carbonated soda being popped open, it helps you live through the experience of enjoying the product. I wonder if there will be follow up ads of the same style, such as to create different mixes with the crunches of the cookies and pouring of the milk. Overall the visuals and sounds along with the simplicity make me believe this ad was a success.

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Activity Score 19

This is a very creative and fun advertisement for Oreos. There has always been the classic ads where they show the different ways people eat them by one-bite, two-bite, twist and separate, etc. but this brings that idea to a whole other level by making an elaborate musical presentation. This is something that will definitely be memorable as it has interesting and unique uses for all the different packaging that Oreos can be found in. This technique to use the product to make some sort of music has been done quite often in the past but Oreo was able to make their interpretation unique. It also seems to be common to make the musical part an already popular song that could associate with a brand, although that is a great idea, it isn’t necessary and the musical part of this ad was still enjoyable. Using the milk and different glasses was very creative, as people already know Oreos as, “Milk’s favorite cookie.” The ad really showcases the product, Oreos, in just most every available option – the minis, the single cookie, the tube packaging, etc. The crunch sound effect and the use of actually eating the Oreos is also a great advertising aspect since it just makes the Oreos more appealing and makes people want to eat their own. The social media aspect at the end and that campaign to get people to share their Oreos online, etc. is a good marketing idea since it promotes consumer interaction. The ad itself serves to possibly start a trend for sharing creative ways to eat an Oreo and different ways people can use Oreos. Even though I have seen the ad idea done before, I still think Oreo does a good job of setting themselves apart from the competition and creating an overall enjoyable ad.

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Activity Score 75

I have to express my mix feeling about this ad.
A lot of points are, according to me, extremely well done. I include the fact of putting a lot of milk to promote indirectly the Oreo with milk inside and not the one with chocolate: the public may not see it but it’s here, a lot of milk which seems good with Oreo with milk taste. Also, the sounds are really amazing: we really feel like if we were the one eating the Oreo, the one spreading the milk into the glass and the one touching the packaging.
But this use of sound is “too much” for me: I don’t understand why they didn’t only put the “pure” and real sound of it such as when the guy eat it, put the milk in the glass, let the Oreo go on the aluminum or touching the packaging. All of this sound make me feel like in an ad for streaming music, such as iTunes, or for some music device, such as Bose.
I have then some question for those who loved it and those who didn’t: why put all of this music, mainly maid with the sound of the packaging and not the Oreo itself instead of just the sound directly maid by it? Have you all notice that it was an ad only for the milk Oreo and not all Oreo? Will you buy more after this ad? Because I feel I do, this ad made me hungry! This is why, to conclude, I think it was a good ad: I wanted to buy Oreo after watching it!

Vincent A., ASU student, Advertising Management

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it rings a bell... Have a look at the original:

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Activity Score 3394

Nicely produced, but the idea is done to death, and has been done better before. This isn't saying anything about anything.

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Activity Score 2567

well executed

groovy baby!

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Activity Score 2188

Nothing new. I've seen this a million times: music with something that isn't an instrument....
But well produced!

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Activity Score 48489

Grammy time...

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Activity Score 1264

Done to death.

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Activity Score 11517


An axe murderer of ads.

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Pete R.
Activity Score 3412

Fun, but I was hoping for more.

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Reminds me of other ads that used the same technique...and a music APP that transforms soundbites into music.

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Activity Score 488

I don't know what i hate more, the ad or the people of the agency posting as if they were random people.

I'm good at this But not perfect.'s picture

Liked the ad. Again I agree with a few above, the concept has been done before where things have been used as music instruments, but quite a good execution.

I see more of milk in the ad though, more of close up shots of Oreo and its inside would have been great.

But what the heck nothing else matters when it made me order a packet of Oreo! Made me feel like grabbing one right away!

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