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July 2013

Australia is prone to some of the most devastating bush fires in history. But after two wet seasons in rural NSW, what fire fighters feared more than the driest summer in decades was in fact 'apathy'. People needed to know how to protect themselves more than ever preceding the summer of 2013 by downloading a bush fire survival plan immediately.

Film advertisment created by JWT, Australia for NSW Rural Fire Service, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising agency: The Campaign Palace/JWT, Sydney, Australia
Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins
Art Director: John Koay
Copywriters: Reed Collins, Karl Fleet
Designer: Helen Sham
Producer: Vicky Rhedey
Planning Director: Karen Dwyer
Group Account Director: Toby McKinnon
Account Directors: Holly McDavitt, Sari De
Production Company: Plaza Films
Director: Dave Klaiber
Producer: Rach Paget
Casting: Toni Higginbotham
DOP: Daniel Ardilley
Editor: Danny Tait
Post Production: Heckler
Sound: Nylon - Simon Lister

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certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

love the concept, but ive DEFINITELY seen it somewhere before, i cant quite remember where.
the execution is good

Temple's picture
Activity Score 11337

I'm with you on this one. Where's Joe La Pompe when you need him.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 49614

Does it fully matter when the ads are sooooo good.

certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

if it's stolen, it absolutely matters.
i recognize not only the concept, but the execution as well

kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

beautifully done.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

gldc's picture
Activity Score 9

Very nice inside - we all know these situations!

monoliz's picture
Activity Score 1304

acting is superb

GrumpyArtDirector's picture
Activity Score 858

It does sound familiar, but it sure looks effective. The ultrafast legal copy at the end kind of ruins it, btw.

ChuckN's picture
Activity Score 139

Great campaign.

patoche's picture
Activity Score 2

Mmmm, ok... Thank you Charlie Kaufman: