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April 2010

Nike launches an online viral campaign by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam (W+K) for the revolutionary 'Mercurial Vapor Superfly II".

As anticipation for the biggest football tournament of the year heats up, Nike releases the Mercurial Vapor Superfyl II, a football boot with Nike SENSE adaptive traction technology studs. When designing the Mercurial Superfly II, Nike created an adaptive stud that extend and retract by up to 3mm, based on ground conditions and pressure exerted by the player. Two of these studs on the forefoot of each boot combine with directionally positioned blades to allow for quick changes of direction, while secondary toe traction provides added power for those first critical steps. The result is a boot that enables greater speed in all directions – in all conditions

Enrico Balleri, Head of Nike Football Advertising says,“With this campaign we wanted to illustrate how the revolutionary adaptability value of this boot helps the fastest players in the world maintain their performance on any pitch condition.”

Art Director Pierre Janneau adds ‘Mother Nature doesn’t understand the ‘perfect pitch’. We wanted to demonstrate the many faces she might show during the tournament with a graphic illustration of how pitch surfaces unexpectedly evolve during the course of a game.’

The viral, shot by Edouard Salier, features FC Barcelona’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic and takes the viewer fantastical world where a mechanical pitch tests Zlatan’s speed to extraordinary extremes. As Zlatan glides past oncoming defenders, the pitch changes its surface and weather conditions at breakneck speeds as it continues to challenge Zlatan’s drive to goal. Unfazed by the terrain, Zlatan powers his way past defenders as his boots quickly adapt, grip the ground and accelerate towards victory.

Film advertisment created by Wieden + Kennedy, Netherlands for Nike, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy
Art Director: Pierre Janneau
Copywriter: Mike Farr
Producers: Neil Henry, Cat Reynolds
Head of Broadcast: Erik Verheijen
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Kling
Account Team: David Anson, Jordi Pont, Gene Willis
Nike: Enrico Balleri and Colin Leary
Production Company: Paranoid US
Director: Edouard Salier
Executive producer: Claude Letessier / Cathleen O'Conor
Head of Production: Matej Purg
Producer: Anne Lifshitz
Line producer: Romain Staropoli
Post coordinator: Charlotte Raffi
Director of Photography: Wouter Westendorp
Graphic design: Marthe Salier, Xavier Reye, Julien Michel, Damien Martin
Editor: Olivier Gajan
vfx company: Digital District
Producer: David Danesi
VFX Supervisor / 3D: Julien Rancoeur
Lead Flame: Christophe Richard
Music and Sound Design: Massive Music/ Guy Amatai

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Singularity's picture
Activity Score 202

Pretty cool ad visually, but it might have been a little too big and busy. I found myself guessing at what I was seeing the shoes doing, and being more distracted by the huge transformation sequences. All in all though, it captures that badass Nike energy that has made the brand what it is today.

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mikeelrapido's picture
Activity Score 1929

It's too technological, for sport lovers it's better to play on emotions - likie in "Take it to the next level" spot or ads with Walcott or Rooney.. So this one is worst.. But technically it's great piece of animation..


MJStinson77's picture
Activity Score 601

Visually it was very attractive and technological looking. Obviously expressing the technological aspects of the boot. But what wasn't immediately clear was why the field was shifting. It took me some time to realize that each square represented different playing conditions. It's a neat boot, and conceptually a nice video, but the execution could have been clearer. | | wordjones

xcreativity's picture
Activity Score 2374

for the given target group i think it's a good tv ad.

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R U serious's picture
R U serious
Activity Score 418

Paranoid is off the hook.

Say my name, say my name...

brookjohnston's picture
Activity Score 296

I think they forgot to list "Fan in Crowd #231" in the credits

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Activity Score 298


morse's picture
Activity Score 18026

Very cool special effects.

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satrianee's picture
Activity Score 3748

no matter what... football is always hot!

Itsmrme's picture
Activity Score 126

It would have been nice to see the guy running from the changing floor and a more dramtic finish. Slide timmy, slide.

sandipkayal's picture
Activity Score 270

great job


TheKid's picture
Activity Score 184

: (

Shingo's picture
Activity Score 408

very nice

CABAZORRO's picture
Activity Score 366

Optimus Nike...

brandingworthspreading's picture
Activity Score 648

It's nice. It doesn't need such a long explanation.

kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7318

Extremely cool. Extremely Zlatan.

gmint7's picture
Activity Score 2683

WOW, just look at the explanations.