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Activity Score 8

please help it's not coming inmy comp

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Activity Score 56

The coca-cola bear can sing ? waou !

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Activity Score 174

I really like it.

Feels more like a music video than an ad.

pneuburg's picture
Activity Score 251

Watch out for Coca Cola. I'm surprised Publicis used the Polar Bear.


Tron's picture
Activity Score 174

screw that!

coke hasn't copyrighted Polar Bears.

Anyway, this idea is strong enuf to warrant ownership.

pneuburg's picture
Activity Score 251

But it's lame for an agency to use the same concept in the same product category. Publicis isn't helping the Pedras brand.


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Activity Score 2

This is what bothered me:

Polar bears = Northern hemisphere

Penguins = Southern hemisphere

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Activity Score 128

I got up and got myself a Pepsi after watching this ad

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Activity Score 26

FIRST THOUGHT : 'dotpaul' said, they shouldnt have mixed both...I woulve stayed just with the penguins...

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Activity Score 271

I thought it was a Coca Cola ad when I clicked on it...

Needless to say, Discovery Channel can do better CGI.

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Activity Score 7318

Yep. This animation was lame.

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Activity Score 234

i suppose this is just creative license, but still – Polar bears and Penguins never ever come together! polar bears are arctic and penguins are antarctic! sigh...

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ad pedant
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plus when they started off talking about "the heat that's coming this way", i was convinced it was a global warming message. and i'm pretty sure i thought it was sponsored by coca-cola too

so for me, the brand & the message got way too lost in the middle of a whole lot of other associations that shouldn't have been all that hard to predict

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Activity Score 18

Coke meets Happy Feet, let's have a Party. Animation 6.

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Activity Score 2683

watch out..
coke boss will kill you..


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Activity Score 196

One question... is this bear singing something about "oh.. it's so hot here..." and
the penguins answer (from the other hemisphere) " well... it will never be hot here..."

Are publicis playing on the global warming effect to sell a fucking drink... this is really poor.
If you think, that your customers are so dumb, that they belive that a drink will
stop global warming... please stop this brainfuck.

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Activity Score 8

please help it's not coming inmy comp