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August 2009

Film advertisment created by Y&R, Argentina for Movistar, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Directors: Martín Goldberg
Copywriter: Martín Goldberg
Art Director: Hernán Damilano
Producer: Luis Pompeo
Production company: Puenzo Hnos., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Director: Pepe Puenzo
DP: Julian “Mex” Ledesma
Line Producer: Nicolás Hoffmann
Rep: Juan Maidana
Postproduction Facility: Metrovision, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Editor: Hugo Primero
Visual Effects Company: 3DN Post, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Audio Post Company: La Casa Post Sound, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Music Production Company: Animal Music, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Arkadiusz's picture
Activity Score 1275

I like the beginning, but when we are coming to the point... "We talk about web, so we use the spider"? Isn't it too obvious?

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imagination powered by knowledge

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Activity Score 16

que porqueria....

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Activity Score 16

pense que la adaptación en Ecuador era mala, pero veo que ha sido la misma huevada

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EL único mérito es que Movistar haya aprobado semejante cagada.

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Me gusta, y no me parece obvio la relación de la araña con la web, sobre todo xq en español no tiene el mismo significado que en Inglés. Y me importa tres carajos que no me entiendan los que leen en inglés.

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Y para qué la subtitulaste?

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yo creo que para comunicar una promo esta bueno, no todo es trucho en esta vida chicos, no vivimos de eso...

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Activity Score 781

I think:
a) the commercial is not funny, doesn´t communicate no promo, doesn´t give the promo no "value". is a little joke with a spider freaking out a girl and the only way of close this mess is the phrase "dont be afraid of internet". poor. so poor.
b) last three guests writing in spanish are -in order:
Martín Goldberg
Hernán Damilano
Luis Pompeo

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Hacer mierda hacemos mierda todos, pero de ahí a subirla a que la vea todo el mundo... hay que tener coraje.
o la cara de piedra.

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I think that it´s a bloody garch, an spider?????????? please it´s a fucking verga. Guys if you think that this ad will win a festival you are boludos. JAJJAJAJ An spider, oooo you´re so brillant. PENES!

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adorabllleee ;)

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Activity Score 3279

Beauty and monster idea :)

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Well I will write in english though I am argentine but I really want people to understand where this is going.
My family and me were sitting in front of the TV the other day when we saw that comercial (and by family I mean my Uncle and aunt my mother etc. -the whole bunch) so we saw that comercial and everyone started to laugh their asses of. And they actually remembered what it was about (the promo). The translation can´t show the way that spider talks which is a pitty.
I think it´s a really good comercial that comunicates.

I pitty those to come here and give their totally unnecessary coments whithout class, ofending people and hiding behind a stupid nick.

Siento vergüenza ajena por ustedes

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Activity Score 4069

the art direction at the very beginning is nice. the twist is nice.


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Activity Score 16


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cool ad buddy

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Activity Score 56

i agree with shahidali, despite the fact that the idea is lame, the art direction isn't bad at all.