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nice car, that's it

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Lesson: Not even big name directors can save a crappy idea.

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Well it was a superbowl concept, but in the end was a fail,.

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I like the way she said "Still looking good"

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I really like how this is an ad for Mercedes but they expanded beyond their usual “luxury” type commercials and made this ad a little more real and appealing to the more “motor head” kind of person. This ad made it seem more like the car they’re selling is less about the luxury and more about how cool of a drive it can be and how “bad-ass” you’ll feel driving out on the open road. To me, when I think of Mercedes I think of a very luxury kind of car that is going to offer a lot of features during my drive rather than this super high performance engine. The way they made this ad made me think twice about the performance of the engine and made me realize they are still super good cars when it comes to performance. The issue I see with this ad though is that it isn’t correctly getting at it’s correct audience and appealing to the right kind of person. If I’m someone who’s into biker bars and beer I don’t think I’ll want to be spending that much money on a car when I already have my bike. And, the people that already own Mercedes, I don’t think their kind of vibe is going to be at a biker bar either.

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nice car, that's it