Bucket List Experience

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September 2017

Lotto - Bucket list Experience


The campaign uses Virtual Reality to create a 5D-experience in a Stockholm hangar that allows participants to recharge on the world’s most beautiful beaches, experience the best Heli-skiing, and enjoy an African safari, among other things. The experience consists of five different VR experiences supplemented with custom-built simulators and sensory effects such as wind, aromas, heat and even an artificial elephant trunk to take the sense of reality to a whole new level.

Film advertisment created by King, Sweden for Lotto, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: King, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors: Jonas Yrlid, Josephine Wallin
Copywriter: Pontus Ekström
Project Manager: Peter Preisler
Production Manager: Åsa Slättegård
Planner: Per Wilson
Designer: Calle Cassel
Agency Producer: Markus Ahlm / Colony
Production Company: BRF
Director: Patrik Gyllström
Producer: Anisa Dzindo
Executive Producer: Rikard Åström
Simulators / Sensory Effects: Burnt Out Punks

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I would have tried that out.

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Living in cramped New York, this struck me as great idea for a new kind of inner city "theme park" (although given the 1-person-at-a-time thruput the cost per thrillseeker would be almost what it costs to do the trip!). VR "bucket list" experiences are also great in healthcare - for the elderly, infirm and patients in hospice.
I found the Lotto connection a little bit unresolved at the end - is it "win Lotto and you can have the real experience?" Or "Lotto can buy you this cool 5D experience?"
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