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July 2013

Film advertisment created by Taxi, Canada for Kraft, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: TAXI, Montréal, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Dominique Trudeau
Creatives: Nicolas Rivard, Martin Charron
Strategic Planning: Fanny Chabot, Andréa Fortin
Client Services: Rachel Desbiens-Després, Rachel McGibbon, Carla Marques
Director of Production: Jacques Latreille
TV Production: Émilie Trudeau
Print Production: Sophie Carrières
Info-graphics: Éric Lefebvre, Denis Riverin
Media Planning: MediaVest
Photography: Alain Desjean
Production House: 401
Director: Nicolas Monette
DOP: Nicolas Bolduc
401 Producer: Stéphanie Lord
Sound Studio: Sonart

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Activity Score 49562

ha ha..

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Meredith Singh
Activity Score 407

Sound design guy could have gone a bit easier on the sound of the fork clinking against the guy's teeth.

Interesting strategy though. I dom't think it will get wealthy people to buy KD, but might get regular people to feel better about it.

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Activity Score 1304

absolutely nothing amazing

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I hate it when you see the ending coming a mile away. Give me a twist, surprise me somehow. That would of elevated this ho hum spot.

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I love how they turned ones shame of eating Kraft dinner into a 'guilty pleasure'. What's more, there was nothing appealing about the look of the food on the plate. Everyone knows that Kraft mac is pretty bland, so why didn't they spruce it up a bit; show that more can be done with it, because lets be honest, the thing lacks flavour otherwise.

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Activity Score 22

sorry can anyone explain the ending alittle? why about him throwing the box into the other box?

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Activity Score 1304

because he is wealthy and he is ashamed of consuming that product, but he can't resist temptation and "guilty pleasure"

ewoynluv's picture
Activity Score 22

ah.. i get it now. just don't get the part where he's wealthy.

Thanks for the explanation