Symphony in red

July 2007

Film advertisment created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Konzerthaus Dortmund, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Wolf Heumann
Creative Director: Sascha Hanke, Timm Hanebeck
Copywriter: Moritz Grub
Film- & Postproduction: Sehsucht (Hamburg)

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bloodrain's picture

just real ink in a small fish tank on HD DV. a little bit of AE 3D layers---thats all.

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Activity Score 25


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Activity Score 458

Amazing work, love the music and the visuals. Works in harmony. Very dramatic!

The concept is only as good as the execution.

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Activity Score 208

now we are listening .. bravo!

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Activity Score 3647

It's beautiful, but if the score went with the visuals a bit more it would have been spectacular.

fractalrene's picture
Activity Score 1504

Whoa, great visuals and nice score. But, it doesn't feel like an ad. I see it as an intro or a credits sequence. Good concept.

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Radoslav Minchev
Activity Score 288


It's my job to keep punk rock elite

kbahey's picture

I am not an ad creative, I just help with the technology side of this site.

I have to say this is an amazing ad. Well made. The names included are famous in the classical music field.

The only thing is at the end they say "muzik im blut", which may mean "Music in blood" in German. Not sure what they mean by that.

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Ed Mintone
Activity Score 585

Music is in our blood?

Billy Hill's picture
Billy Hill

Engaging technique. Well put together.

playofthoughts's picture

fantastic ad / artwork

"musik im blut" is a german expression for music comes naturally to somebody.
(It comes from "im blut liegen" -> to be in somebody's blood)
Nice wordplay in combination with these fabulous visuals.

Traxxx's picture

Beautiful. Magical. Lovely. Jung Von Matt, I love your work

Nabil Noshi's picture
Nabil Noshi

the first time i can see music .... bravo

jean's picture

wow. i loved this.

Corbeen's picture
Activity Score 1093

excellent! this is art work with idea inside.

Guest6847654's picture

incredible. One of the most beautiful video i ever seen before. Thanks YvM!

Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture
Jarne von Wolfsburg
Activity Score 264

Always the same mechanic. One lil idea, one optic.... no climax or something. Some optical firework, text-chart, end.... sometimes this style bores me

but, yeah yeah it looks good and has a idea, yeah yeah... or wait, its just a phrase and a one-to-one optic.... ok at least it looks nice

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Activity Score 772

Awesome! Great work.

circee®'s picture

Just one word...........Beautifullllllllllllllll

Circee®'s picture

Could someone gives me the name of the track
: )

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suketu gohel
Activity Score 26

dude i have no word. simply supporb

suketu gohel

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jayraldyn lloyd's picture
jayraldyn lloyd

i really really love it! it is amazing how they decided to use blood as a way of expressing their passion!:)

first time in my life that have seen such jaw dropping expression using blood!


jayraldyn lloyd's picture
jayraldyn lloyd

ey ey! friends check this one! !!

one of a kind ever!:) amazing its'nt it?
so this is jay.... and my eyes are popping out ayt now..
unblievable... i wish i can do that.

hehehheheeh whata pro!

jayraldyn lloyd's picture
jayraldyn lloyd

i love it i love it! go go go i love it! :)

the musical! very awesome............. :)

hehehehehehehe my favorite from now on... whoa!

raistlin's picture

..stunning!! ... by the way. the "creative" from jung von matt are just the orderers...
have a look at for the real creative behind this project.

dealer's picture

score belongs to turkish musician, fazil say..but i don't know the track's name..symphony in red probably?

slashinsky's picture

The track's name is "Black Earth" by Fazil Say !

slashinsky's picture

The track's name is "Black Earth" by Fazil Say !

randomrandom's picture

Anyone know how these effects were created? Soooo AMAZING!

bloodrain's picture

just real ink in a small fish tank on HD DV. a little bit of AE 3D layers---thats all.

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Activity Score 8

beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this work :)

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Activity Score 289

some of the names appear too fast to be understood and the score could be more in sync... but that's really being bitchy :-) lovely concept and execution. well done!

raw's picture

amazing..very very very inspires u to create something in the moving image field...

accounti's picture

for all the credit-fuckers out there: the concept is by jvm, I know the guys who did it. and because they are an ad-agency and not a postproduction, they needed to find somebody who is in the programms. seen their new print campaign for the children-concerts?

Mesrop's picture

Great job. It was done using Alias' Maya at least for the names and the flowers... I wouldn't even be surprised if most of it wasn't done in a fish tank and real red ink... It was well done but i would have loved to have seen it shift colors or use multiple colors in the same scene. but excellent work.

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Activity Score 178

Actually it was done with red ink. They preferred that instead of 3D. Greek Nikos Tziopanos directed it after 6 months of experiments on ink with his students.
Here are the credits from Studio Sehsucht in Hamburg that did it...

Director: Niko Tziopanos
Art Direction: Alexander Heyer and Martin Hess
Camera: Bea Wellenbrock , Alex Heyer and Valentin Heun
2D Compositing (AE): Niko Tziopanos , Alex Heyer and Martin Hess
3D: Niko Tziopanos
Rotoscoping: Bea Wellenbrock
Producer: Andereas Coutsoumbelis
Executive Producer: Martin Woelke

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