Gay? There's nothing queer about it.

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October 2012

Gay? There's nothing queer about it.


In the soccer world, homosexuality still is a taboo. Dutch broadcasting station BNN decided to put an end to this and dedicated an evening filling programme about the subject, called FC Gay. Delight Agency produced a commercial for this occasion to break the taboo and empower gay people to be as they are. The commercial was offered to the KNVB (the Royal Dutch Football Association) and is now implemented in their campaign to raise awareness of the problem.

Film advertisment created by Delight, Netherlands for KNVB, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Delight Agency, Netherlands

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I like the way how they tackle the problem with humor.
The different elements support one and other. I think the copy at the end is very good.
Personally I think that they're also hinting that staying in the closet is more queer than coming out.

I hope this will help so everybody can feel accepted but only time will tell.

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