Life preserver

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July 2009

Film advertisment created by DDB, Canada for KidSport, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver
Creative directors: Cosmo Campbell and Dean Lee
Copywriter: Neil Shapiro
Art director: Chris Moore
Agency producer: Sue Bell
Account management: Terra Cochrane, Brett MacFarlane
Film company: Industry Films
Director: Adam Goldstein
Cameraman: John Houtman
Line Producer: Marcie Harriott
Post-production company: JMB Post
Editor: Daniel Pruger
Colourist: Randy Egan
Casting: Kathleen Widdows Casting
Audio Company: KOKO Productions
Audio House Producer: Murray Price
Audio House Engineer: Murray Price

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The campaign is pretty bad, these all seem to be written and produced like those bad jokes you find in Xmas crackers.

Or is that just Canadian humor?

It's also not helped by the predictable casting of awkward people and terrible over the top performances.

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Dear Guest. You're, no doubt, a bitter hack, void of any sense of humor. I'm so tired of nasty comments like yours. I dare say that your work would hardly hold up to this. Perhaps you should get back to it, hone your skills and stay off sites like these.

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lololololollololololol que risa

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I like it

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Super very nice really good All 3 ads..

Chaminda Rathnayake

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ha ha

nice insight, good thinking and funny ass execution.

good stuff

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this is the best of the three. see, this doesn't have the hottie you used in the stick note ad. yet, this should get the message better anc clear. don't tie products with sex to sell. thats weak creativity.


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the whole campaign = not funny...

Quite really.

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nice...gets the job done

- Life Feeds on Life -

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this one is nice...

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a fantastic campaign! phew, advertising ain't dead after all

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I know this may come as a surprise to you but your judgement of good is so poor it's laughable. Just like these ads you've made.

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Old hat.

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Try this formula for the quality of ads in AOTW : The larger the number of "guest" thumbs up comments, the lowest the actual quality of the idea.

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I worked on this, and this is my first comment so far. Which would mean my partner is going to town on the comments, but seeng as he's on vacation at a cottage where he claims there's no internet, I find that unlikely... unless he's lying about the Internet thing? Neil, this guy just busted you. I know you have internet access. Could you please check your email? I need you to check the copy I just sent you.

Thanks for the tip guest conspiracy theorist. Very helpful.

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ROFL! Best of the three! :D

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very gooooooooood.

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I really like these spots. But I still think the writer should go back to the prairie town he came from.