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September 2009

Film advertisment created by Blue Circle, Indonesia for Gulaku Murni, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: Blue Circle Advertising, Jakarta, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Brendan Goodenough
Creative Director: Axel Schmidt
Production Company: Zoom Film & Television (AUS), Seven Sundays (INDO)
Director: Mark Toia
D.O.P: Mark Toia
Post Production Company: Cutting Edge Post

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Like always...... "gulaku" often to use dreams and fantasy for their tv ad...

Nice.... but I don't like the talent esp. at 00.38 - 00.39 ....... the girl in pink is so annoying....

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it reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..wonderful work done

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Activity Score 666

an entertaining ad. but with a bad start.

outsmart me, if you can

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Their very first ads in 2006 were actually much better... The ads now seem too farfetched.

Check this one out (my favorite) It captures the "sweetness" in everyday life

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Was willy Wanka the copywriter?!

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ahaha spot on!

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Nothing new but it works for children´s fantasy. The ad is for them, not for a bunch of forum advertiser people. Sorry guys.

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Jakarta Jack

I love this. A real TV commercial for a real client that really went on air. Unlike all the other Indonesian stuff that's pure scam.

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It would really be nice if the kids in the commercial were Indonesian kids...I understand that SGC wants to make the kids of Indonesia see something different, something unique but if you make them feel part of it by using Indonesian kids in the commercial, it would be much productive and more relevant to the market you interact with selling your sugar. I prefer the previous commercial than this one....especially Maya inthe commercial!.........................dari Research Analyst 2006!