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the angry parrot was weak. other than that one, i like these made me laugh

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This one is the best of the campaing.
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

heaven's picture

The worst campaing ever. Too dumb, too cliche to be funny, specially the "Invisible Hombre", really, when USA will understand that Mexico and Latinamerica are countries as "civilized" as any other so called "of the first world"????
This ads are sooo boring, so lack of imagination, so ignorant.

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Latin America isn't a country.

nagol's picture

it's been a while since an ads made me laugh out loud.
these did.
I dont know if Im more jealous of the ads
or that their client understands ads can be fun and sell.

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'heaven' i totally disagree with you. i think these are hilarious and very clever.

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Fckg subtil one! I love it!

By the way how much does it cost to you, overseas, to do this kind of little films?
Because here in France, clients don't want to put more than 30 000 euros to do 3 films!