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strange but still gives me a smile on my face.
vive le quebec

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Very very funny but I'll use it for something else...

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i just had the phrase 'talking out of your ass' in my head the whole time. Not really the best testimony for the client no?

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Mossi, I had the same thought. I work with people that do that. Now I'll be visualizing this spot when they're talking. Anyway, about the ad, it's funny, but needed more thought.


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mitch cayouette
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Great stuff. The comment with talking out of your ass is a bit dumb.
Mossi is talking out of is ass.

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Now if the cigarette smoking butt had EXHALED, then I'd be impressed. Still, very funny and engaging.

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Fallon London did better many years ago for Lee Jeans.

mitch cayouette's picture
mitch cayouette
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Same device but totaly different idea than the fallon one.
This one is funnier.

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I like it. but dont know for what. its not like its brillaiant. may be too many unusual things put together make it engaging n bring a smile...the jiggling, smoking, drinking bums, the idea of talking thru yr ass...funnay!

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Act is right, Fallon made it, and according to me the idea is quite the same... / Facebook : Joelapompe

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Act is not right and joe is just plain wrong. Ok did you ever saw someone wearing shoes in an ad, or a car passing thru a field, or a kid smilling, or a women wearing something sexy,
or teenagers partying... I could go for days. When you look at webcargo it's asses testifying that they were saved and in the Fallon one it's asses looking for lee jeans, totally different
idea. Maybe some people aren't intelligent enough or just plain dumb to see the difference, shocking. Probably they are frustrated cause they've been doing shit work and no one want
to give them a job, probably because to do a website like joe's you got to have a lot of time on your hands or with your hands, it's sad.

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So in other words, the ad is yours.

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nope at all i just hate those type of comments it drives me crazy. It's fun to be positive and just to say great ad.
If you really look closely, you can find similarities for every ads. But in the end there holding a Lion and the
guys who write those bad comments aren't.

Bye's picture
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"It's fun to be positive and just to say great ad."

It's that simple to you, is it.

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Dear Joelapompe.
With all the respect, get a real job, man.

Bye's picture
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Who in advertising doesn't visit Joe's site, I wonder if anyone would know you. But hey, at least you have a real job.

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Activity Score 99

hahaha jack ass!

elcapitano's picture
Activity Score 7

The funniest thing is that Joelapompe is a copy of a russian website. lol

Anne's picture
Activity Score 508

Sooooooooo done. Come on.

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this is probably the nicest bit of retort ive read on here. (or whatever you call it).

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very funny ad, but it truely accomplished it's objective.:)

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Still kicks ass after 3 years.

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¿wich production company did the commercial?

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