July 2006

As the Motor Show opens and Britain bakes in soaring temperatures that the Met Office say might be linked to climate change, Greenpeace has launched a new film targeting gas guzzling 4x4s. Using the language, style and production values of traditional car adverts, the film challenges the image portrayed by the advertising industry of 4x4 drivers escaping their urban environment for the freedom of the open road. Since I own a similar SUV, this ad really hits home.

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MADE in the USA
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So what is being ask of me is that I participate in the organized alienation and harassment of a fellow colleague...spit in that person’s coffee. Because they make different Choices than I do, Take different paths than the one I believe is correct? ( Oh great Me.. savior of the world ).
Sounds a great deal like what people feel/say about religious people or organizations:...

(1)“You can’t talk to me that way and tell me how to live my life just because you believe in God, Do you think you’re better than I am?”

(2)“You can’t treat me badly, try to shame me into living like you just because you think you’re the answer to saving the planet”! Who do you think you are anyway?”

The piece is well put together. Nice idea’s brought to fruition, great delivery mechanism. Congratulations to the ad team.
The top layer is quirky, humorous, and expectative.
The underlying message is Passive Aggressive, and oozes scorn:...
“I have reactionary contempt for anyone who thinks/does differently than me/us”.

All edited together to form a slick delivery. I have no doubt it has enjoyed success.


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Good point. Alienation of a collegue because he doesn't understand or accept a certain belief may not be the ideal way to deliver the message, but of course this is again just a poetic exaggeration.

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All the ad makes you feel bad for the poor guy, because it seems not justified. I think it puts you on the wrong side of the message.