What will you do today, for tomorrow?

March 2013

Today is just another day. Perfectly ordinary. It’s the sort of day that happens once in a lifetime. And, just like any other, it’s the sort of day that will offer you chances to make tomorrow better. Today may be just another day but it’s yours. So, don’t let it slip into the shadow of someday. Grasp it tightly, use it up and leave something extraordinary in its place. This is your planet. Get to know it. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time. After all, the better you understand it, the more you’ll be able to help it. So, don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring. You can choose to make it better. And that is the greatest freedom one can hope for. So - what will you do today, for tomorrow?

Advertising Agency: G Adventures
Creative Director: Jaymie Bachiu
Art Director: Leonardo Tamburri
Copywriters: Steve English, Daniel Sendecki
Videographers: Kyle Jordan, Joe DiBenedetto

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