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Guest what !


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i 2nd that. ???????????

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erm...i checked the website. Despite browsing the site for a whole 20 mins i cant find any specific detail as to what the hell this 'SAL' thing is. All its got is a countdown timer, and some link to advertise on other webs. WTF is it!? Im guessing their trying to create some kind of hype? by not telling people what they r... lost in confusion. help

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teaser! i wonder at what coming next ...

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Huhu, look at the header...DIESEL???

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okay sorry, it's not a classical teaser, but for the viewer this movie is a riddle. and so he think it will be cleared up in following steps ...

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Now I know what it looks like to wear 69 really ugly t-shirts all at the same time.


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so he didn't shower for 69 days?

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Dan from the south

I just visited the site and saw a section where you can "traces of its presence" on ebay. It has a screenshot of an auction page and they tal about a not yet legal elixir.

If i had to guess, it's a new fragrance by diesel.

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Reminds me of those sumo fight suits !!

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CHeck this out on youtube.

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this is what happens when creatives spend too much time on youtube.

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Wearing dozens of shirts at once is somewhat amusing. However, the teaser copy on the shirt isn't interesting enough to make me curious. Can't say that I really care what "Fuel for Life" means.

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The Diesel Insi...

"Fuel for Life" It's Diesel's new fragrance...Go to YouTube and look up Diesel's "Liquid Space" fashion show(at the end of the show Renzo Rosso--Diesel creater introduces the fragrance).

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Definitely too youtubey.