December 2007
Advertising Agency: Creature, USA
Co-Creative Directors: Matt Peterson, Jim Haven
Art Director: Eric Goldstein
ACD / Copywriter: Tom O’Connor
Producer: Jenn Pennington
Account Executives: Steve Hawley, Sarah Faulkner
Designer: Ramon Vasquez
Production Company: Tate USA
Director: Eric King
Director of Photography: Ask Jenn
Executive producers: Hugh Bacher, David Tate
Line Producer: Darrin Ball
Editing House: Chicken & Music
Editor: Steve Presemon
Producer: Jenn Pennington
Sound Design: Clatter & Din
Audio Mix: Clatter & Din
Mixer: John Buroker

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RM's picture
Activity Score 419

Ha ha ha ha absolute gold, bloody hilarious talent well done

Tapper's picture
Activity Score 490

This is awful, wtf is this? So contrived and badly acted, and just awful. The credits are so long and yet I would not ant my name anywhere near it.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

Chris's picture
Activity Score 1985

its def funny

andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
Activity Score 937

don't like it much.
the concept of an funny report-ad isn't really new and the execution felt sometimes too forced.
just because the concept enables you to speak straightforwardly about the stuff that's in the brief, it doesn't mean you shouldn't add a bit of fun in it. there just wasn't much of it here.
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

adrianapr's picture
Activity Score 1254

they got me at hello but kept going on and on.... same jokes, benefits "disguised" in the answers, etc etccccccccccc....
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawnnnnnnnnnnn too boring. bye.

wizzyfx's picture
Activity Score 33

has anyone noticed the istockphoto watermark in the opening scene.. LOL :)
I liked the idea and the execution. Top mark from me.

ad pedant's picture
ad pedant
Activity Score 58

[QUOTE]has anyone noticed the istockphoto watermark in the opening scene[/QUOTE]
nice catch, ridiculous oversight

Sally_Bison's picture
Activity Score 82

pretty great!
love the concept but its a bit long here.
could be executed in a different way and be better i think...
but very great!

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Oh my goodness, I thought that would never end. What do you get when you combine a boring concept with boring dialogue and a boring family? Tah-da!!!!!

Plus that back lighting outside in the scene with the kids - could it be more fake? No. No it could not.

adsgogo's picture
Activity Score 18

hehee quite funny..and creepy...which actually makes it that much more funny..
kind of long though where would it air??

absoluties's picture
Activity Score 504

I can't believe they went through the whole shooting that could've lasted more than a day of equipment and talent rental.... for this.

Shaka_Zulu's picture
Activity Score 116

Come on guys - what were you expecting? an ad? The cheesy element is intensional... which i thought would be quite obvious to most of you - well, i was wrong. It's very informative in a 'different' way, quite amusing. For the fact that, we all watched it until the end, and got the message - it works.

Now... inspire me!

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