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January 2008

DHL commissioned a television advertising campaign for China featuring the deceptively fast service provided by their couriers. Six spots show time standing still as DHL consignments are delivered to a factory, garage, service center, office, business center and a shop.

Film advertisment created by Ogilvy, China for DHL, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing, China
Group Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Executive Creative Director: KweiChee Lam
Creative Director: Michael Wong
Art Director: Michael Wong, XiaoChen Li, Stephen Liu
Copywriter: Yue Song
Agency Producer: Hana Zhang
Film Director: JinJing Zhu
Production House: JQK Production, Beijing
Post Production: VU Production, Beijing
Account Service: Mary Jane Butler, Raina Zhang
Client Supervisor: Joy Lee, Jade Huang, Li Gu

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Banner2k5's picture
Activity Score 551

thats great

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

The idea is really great, but I think the execution falls flat.

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
Activity Score 607

I agree they do feel flat. I wanna love these but something is not quite right. They're lacking the "speed of the journey", or a "point A to point B" element perhaps. I'm not sure what is, but something is askew here that is preventing these from being truly great. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if they won a bunch of awards.

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

It would have been a beautiful execution to get everyone in a scene to be acting like they were in slow motion instead of just standing there. They could have been very artistic.

tony truong's picture
tony truong
Activity Score 40

Why are they all bitching about our computers?

gmint7's picture
Activity Score 2683

great idea
agree with brandon

bad execution
bad budget maybe


G.J.'s picture
Activity Score 149

Execution is so weird - leaves u wondering what the *&^% just happened. The box just appears after the man is seen walking inside with it. I wonder why it has such a strange feel to it... like alfred hitch. movies.

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And rest won't give a #@%#.

G.J.'s picture
Activity Score 149

i agree with u brandon - slow mo - cos there's a nice idea here killed my the exe.

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And rest won't give a #@%#.

I-know-all's picture
Activity Score 53

Wht will move consumer is.. if you show the fastest journey from point A to point B.. and not how you deliver it in the shop..
they could have done same execution device.. but showing the full journy from piont a to b.. Then it make sense.. that tells me, fastest delivery.!

At this moment idea is wrong.. !!

lasirenita's picture
Activity Score 42

Great. The dhl guy has the spider sense.

chino65's picture
Activity Score 326

nice idea!!!

Great execution. For those who disagree, many people are now sick of "overly produced" TVC. There is a trend to do the exact opposite of what you expect an ad to be.

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

Agree! It's great crafting all on film and that's the beauty of this execution! I guess it's too easy to do it static as a post production level but then it's boring.

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