Munich Agreement

October 2008

Film advertisment created by Euro RSCG, Czechia for Czech National Museum, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Directors: Filip Kukla
Art Director: Ales Pokorny
Copywriters: Filip Kukla, Pavel Fris
Director: Jakub Hussar
Production company: ARMADA FILMS
Producer: Filip Sirovy

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Awesome!!! Kudos to the lucky team who got the brief.
Complete justice done to an opportunity.

Just a point.
It's an absolutely personal taste.
Here she wipes it with spit instead of the cleaner.
I would have had the lady spit in hatred. Then wipe it off as a routine job.

Anyways, awesome job guys! I really liked it!

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No, it's good as it is. If she spited with hatred the scene would be much less funny. The spot is cool, and works also outside Czech Republic. Good job.

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dew drops
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Cute idea, but unfortunately the direction is way too sterile. It could have been shorter and a lot more snapier.

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Guest commenter

Brilliant! Great execution :)

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Guest commenter

Loved it. Wouldn't change a thing; it's simple and direct. Wish I'd done it.

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could have been much better, the execution is clearly not great, far from. It feels way too long and the acting is a bit off. Something more visual than a 'Munich Agreement' would have been more effective, and result in a superior ad. I wish I'd done it, only better.

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totally agree.

love the idea, don't like the execution.

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Guest commenter

Munich Agreement is a great choice, even if it's less attractive visualy. Take a look at Czech's history (year 1938) and you'll know why.

Direction and acting here are in a very "less is more" manner. A bit like Scandinavian ads from 90's. I like that style, but of course it's a matter of taste.

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It's not because it's an important date for Czech history that is works for the ad. It's always better to choose something you can see in order to understand the joke, instead of something you need to read, anyway. The acting is not 'less is more', its just bad.

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In most cases it's better to see than to read. Not this time, though. They did't choose the Munich Agreement to make joke easier to understand. It's just part of their history. And it's an ad for a museum, not the mtv's comedy central.

Acting is just right;-)

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@merrin: It could have been a lot better with a more talented director, I agree, but this is a small ad for a museum. Nothing fancy. I don't suppose the agency was looking for something 'out of the ordinary' or ‘more creative’.
@matks: comedy central is not an MTV product.

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@Jade: in Poland CC belongs to MTV Networks ( (bottom of the side;-) I thought they owned it globally.

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