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Miami Martinez

This is awful and the folks at Creative On Demand should get off this blog and get back to work. If the original ad was so great why was it pulled off the blogosphere.

BTW is is so obvious who the few "supportive" bloggers are.

The VW crash ads were edgy and created chatter, this is edgy/bad. There is a big difference and if you didn't realize that earlier in the creative process then you definitely won't admit it now.

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Wtf?...thats nasty and the copy sucks

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Verily – strange are these times that we're living in.

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Simply disgusting.

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that's SO GROSS

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I feel an urge to run to the nearest Volkswagen dealer... wtf??

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Oh man this is crap - Ha! no pun intended

I miss Arnold's work for VW

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china hick-ass town

hehe... me also liking fresh poo.

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My mom can do better!

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WTF????? How the hell did somebody approve this piece of shit? Jesus fuckin christ! that's a crime against humanity! Fuck this crap!

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WTF, and seams like he just likes to eat shit since he didnt even clean it right....

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Good God who approved this? This soils the great VW brand so bad...Boo hiss. Please don't let this ever make it to air.

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They could have supported the copy by having him wipe it off with his sleeve. The grill is also loaded with dirt which he ignores, eliminating any momentum they had towards a point. This ad is horrible. The only people to likely find it entertaining are the 13-15 year old set - who surprise, surprise aren't buying cars.

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Sorry there mate, there's not a speck in site on the grille, only a green and brown reflection of the healthy trees all around, take a closer look. Seeing that you said the grills dirty, I just had too mention.

Not even twenty tongue rings could (beep) with my speech...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Wow, omg. I love it. I love it. noooooooooooot

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Maybe they can say something like 'This ad is crap!'. I'm confused wether this is a VW car ad or an ad that promotes the website because of the final caption stated the address.

Lord Feiser
Angel of The Bottomless Pit

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I think it's gross but seriously funny. Everyone will talk about this ad. No, it won't relfect poorly on the brand. If you think it's disturbing then you're either 105 or 9 years old.

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sky seems to be done in the post. maybe bcuz of the tree...

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It looks very funny... But people who see this ad tasting shit..

About branding: Negative effect because my girlfriend gets a bad impression if I have VW.

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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once you get over the grossness it's pretty funny. and brilliant in that it's going to cause a lot of controversy

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Right on there champ, that's my sentiment exactly, there's definitely something in this that makes this spot siren bro, well yes of course, once you get over the bird shit - which still didn't fool me. It's fulfilling it's purpose, and that is controversy. Any PR is good PR regardless.

Not even twenty tongue rings could (beep) with my speech...

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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I've Seen Plenty of Guys Eat even Bigger Shit because they're so into their cars.

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You are telling me!

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Don't need the nasty part. You could pretty much get the joke without that crap...don't know, could be more subtle... I need a glass of water...

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Perfecta para el Bostafolio....

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My uncle tommy, 96 y old, blind, would be even disgusted

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Oh, be real. It's a very funny spot. And, no additional dialog is needed. I like it.


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i'm lickin it.

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Joaquin de Camble Guamble

by the way, he could use the shirt or something else to clean the car, this ad is disgusting.

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I smell scam ad.

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Supone que los compradores del auto son idiotas! Cuál es el beneficio para el producto??

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Two thumbs down... the throat!

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Bruno Granato

terrible, they need a better idea

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Sourcing Ads of the World (of course), I'd like to put this commercial on my Dutch advertising blog, is that possible? If so, how (cant find embedded info)?

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this is called - an ad agency knowing they are working on the same client as crispin, and trying to do something similarly risque - and failing miserably.

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this is called - an ad agency knowing they are working on the same client as crispin, and trying to do something similarly risque - and failing miserably.

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This it's a joke???
a trainee can do better.

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Yes its gross. Bird shit always is. That's not the point. The point is you are all still writing about it 4 days later. It's funny. And you remember it. That's the point.

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I'm with you man. i laughed my ass off. i still think there's something to be said about being funny for the sake of being funny. vw has always had edgy humor. you people are way too uptight.

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Maybe crappy. Maybe not. The first time I saw it I was grossed out. The second time I laughed. Maybe shit takes some warming up to. Anyway, it's made more noise than anything CP+B has done for vw in a while.

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Funny! LOL

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where'd the friggin ad go? can you put it back?

ivan's picture

It'll be back within a few days!

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Initially disgusting, but like they say, shit sticks.

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i disagree my friend. just because you remember it or discuss it, doesn't justify a bad idea or make it a successful one (that is what people do on blogs). people are still talking about it, uh maybe, because they've just ran into it for the first time not because it's groundbreaking and they've been talking about it for days! we all tend to remember really bad cable ads, because they're so poorly done (but mostly because everyone likes to make fun of bad shit). that doesn't make anyone wanna buy or move product which IS ultimately the point of advertising. this just seems like someone TRYING to be really irreverent and hip but like they said above, failing miserably.

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Wow, couldn't agree more. Just because people are talking about it doesn't mean it's a good idea. The idea is actually incredibly bad, and with poor production. Whether the idea is gross (which it is) is hardly the point. It's more about the fact that it's glaringly terrible, and totally unconnected with the VW brand. I remember a spot done in Argentina about 8 years ago for a foot freshener, that had a piece of turd in the foreground. The shit moved away because it couldn't stand the smell of the feet.That's a great and relevant idea, and no one complained about having shit on camera. But this? Come on, I think this is by far one of the worst TV commercials ever, not only for VW, but for the entire advertising world. Of course it's going to be remembered by those standards, and people will talk about it for months even years. Bad ideasthat reach this level of mediocrity are always a point of reference. I hope VW gets a wake-up call after this one.

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good ideas dear friend are subjective. and from what you've written, i can't imagine that you've been in this business long enough to evaluate the best and worst in the "advertising world". consumers generally can't distinguish between a what an advertising person would consider a great idea from a terrible one. they remember bad cable ads, they remember cringe-worthy jingles, and they may very well remember bird poop. i also remember the shit ad from argentina. can't say it's a great idea. certainly can't say it's "relevant" (relevant to what exactly?) definitely can't remember the brand of foot spray they were advertising. and maybe people did complain but we just never heard about it. it probably aired before came online! i've broken my no blogging rule to respond because if you're planning a career in advertising, or if you already have one, you need to expand your criteria and perhaps evaluate what's glaringly terrible or great from a broader perspective, perhaps even from a consumers perspective.

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I think you are the author of that piece of crap and you just can't take criticism from others. That is a bad idea, period. It doesn't matter if it involves bird shit, live sex or whatever you might find disgusting, the whole concept or "joke" supporting the commercial (your commercial) it's stupid, therefore it's a stupid commercial and it's going to be remembered as that, that doesn't mean it's going to be successful. I know, as an outsider of the advertising world that I'll remember it because it's bad but that won't drive me to buy a jetta, which I think it's the whole point of making the commercial in the first place. I don't have to work in an agency to know when an idea is bad or not. I can also remember great commercials that doesn't have to include a stupid premise like this.

you still disagree? Why don't you read what the "advertising world" as you call it is saying, check for instance.

julio's picture

fyi... whether you believe it or not, I'm not the "author", I have read adweek, and I still believe you could use some perspective and criteria expansion. Your passion for hating this spot however is fun. I'm genuinely amused by the ranting.

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oh yes, i think you are. you're reallly pissed off, i can tell